Jon Hammond Show 1130 Frankfurt

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Jon Hammond Show 1130 Frankfurt

Jon Hammond Show 1130 Frankfurt
First episode: 
jazzkeller Clip 3 White Onions Jon Hammond Band - Jon Hammond's annual musikmesse Warm Up Party in world famous jazzkeller Frankfurt - Musicians: Peter Klohmann tenor sax, Giovanni Totò Gulino drums, Joe Berger guitar, Jon Hammond at the Sk1 Hammond organ powered by Markbass bass amplifier - Jon's chocolate chocolatee birthday & musikmesse party cake baked by Master Baker TULAN - Saray Pastanesi Mainzer Landstraße 131, 60327 Frankfurt am Main - see you next year March 31st 2020 folks!
Jazzkeller Frankfurt!
Second episode:
Sounds real good with my Sennheiser headphones on - very live room there in Frankfurt Red Light District -- EROS 49 Jon Hammond Band presented by Hans Romanov - Peter Klohmann t.s., Giovanni Totò Gulino d., Joe Berger g. Jon Hammond o. 
3rd episode:
Frankfurt Germany -- jazzkeller Clip 5 Jon Hammond musikmesse Warm Up Party celebrating 32 consecutive years, Jon's 65th birthday chocolate chocolate cake from master baker Tulan Saray Pastanesi, swinging the house with musicians: Joe Berger gitarre, Giovanni Totò Guilino drums, Peter Klohmann saxofón tenor, Dennis Sekretarev trumpet, Jon Hammond Sk1 Hammond organ
Jazzkeller Frankfurt


TASCAM Recording time + Sennheiser of course!
Jon Hammond

Sennheiser evolution microphone +
(Mono recorder) is called Tascam DR-10X - it does a real nice job for what it is. Then I have a higher-end thing from Tascam called DR-100mkIII 

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