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Jon Hammond Show 1130 Frankfurt


#WATCHMOVIE HERE: Jon Hammond Show 1130 Frankfurt

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Jon Hammond Show 1130 Frankfurt

Jon Hammond Show 1130 Frankfurt
First episode: 
jazzkeller Clip 3 White Onions Jon Hammond Band - Jon Hammond's annual musikmesse Warm Up Party in world famous jazzkeller Frankfurt - Musicians: Peter Klohmann tenor sax, Giovanni Totò Gulino drums, Joe Berger guitar, Jon Hammond at the Sk1 Hammond organ powered by Markbass bass amplifier - Jon's chocolate chocolatee birthday & musikmesse party cake baked by Master Baker TULAN - Saray Pastanesi Mainzer Landstraße 131, 60327 Frankfurt am Main - see you next year March 31st 2020 folks! http://www.jonhammondband.com
Jazzkeller Frankfurt!
Second episode:
Sounds real good with my Sennheiser headphones on - very live room there in Frankfurt Red Light District -- EROS 49 Jon Hammond Band presented by Hans Romanov - Peter Klohmann t.s., Giovanni Totò Gulino d., Joe Berger g. Jon Hammond o. 
3rd episode:
Frankfurt Germany -- jazzkeller Clip 5 Jon Hammond musikmesse Warm Up Party celebrating 32 consecutive years, Jon's 65th birthday chocolate chocolate cake from master baker Tulan Saray Pastanesi, swinging the house with musicians: Joe Berger gitarre, Giovanni Totò Guilino drums, Peter Klohmann saxofón tenor, Dennis Sekretarev trumpet, Jon Hammond Sk1 Hammond organ http://www.jonhammondband.com
Jazzkeller Frankfurt


TASCAM Recording time + Sennheiser of course!
Jon Hammond

Sennheiser evolution microphone +
(Mono recorder) is called Tascam DR-10X - it does a real nice job for what it is. Then I have a higher-end thing from Tascam called DR-100mkIII 

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9 11 Memorial And Veterans Day Tribute By Jon Hammond


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9 11 Memorial And Veterans Day Tribute By Jon Hammond

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New Hammond Organ High Power Leslie Jon Hammond Booth Session Nashville


#WATCHMOVIE HERE: New Hammond Organ High Power Leslie Jon Hammond Booth Session Nashville

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New Hammond Organ High Power Leslie Jon Hammond Booth Session Nashville

Nashville Music City Center -- duo booth session, I'm playing the brand-spakin' new Hammond organ + 3300W high-power Leslie speaker, you can really hear it here - great product developed by my friends in Hamamatsu at Suzuki Musical Instruments - enjoy glorious sparkling clear Hammond sound - we're in Nashville Tennessee booth session Summer NAMM Show - Joe Berger in the string section and yours truly Jon Hammond at the organ - thanks for a little bit extra juice there Steven Eaklor - c u in Anaheim, have a beautiful Thanksgiving time everybody! - Jon 
"Lydia's Tune" ©JON HAMMOND International / ASCAP

Really fantastic show Ain't Too Proud Musical at the good old Imperial Theatre, 45th St, Times Square. "The Life and Times of The Temptations" - incredible production! Jon Hammond   #AintTooProudToBeg #TheTemptations #Motown Birdland Jazz Club -- Fantastic show coming in next week folks, Django Festival Allstars with my friends Ludovic Beier, Pierre Blanchard, samson schmitt et al! - Jon Hammond   #NotToBeMissed #DjangoFestivalAllstars Happy actual birthday to main man Ray Grappone and many more! We go way back to 1987 when we met on a TWA flight coming back from Frankfurt on same flight with Joe Berger and Danny Gottlieb was on the flight also - Ray coming back from road show of "Chorus Line" - somewhere there is a photo of us with a flight attendant from Germany who said she never heard of The Beatles, no kidding! - Ray is one of the busiest drummer cats in town all over NYC and since we've done quite a few gigs and sessions together - happy birthday Ray and howdy to Vicki B.!! - Jon Hammond (and twin brother Richie Richard Grappone)!    #Hbd #HappyBirthday #RayGrappone characterizations of Internet Archive Team at world headquarters - there is founder / main man Brewster Kahle just to my right with book in-hand! - Jon Hammond    #InternetArchive #BrewsterKahle #Statues #characterizations 2 of my favorite people / jazz musicians have sadly passed: Ellis J. Pough a/k/a/ Ellis The Nazarene and Rudy Lawless a/k/a/ Rudy Sheriff Lawless - little has been written about (both) of these fine musicians / people - I shot these photos in December of 2013 at Local 802 AFM in the Club Room - RIP Ellis & Rudy! Sincerely, Jon Hammond       #EllisTheNazarene #RudyLawless Jon Hammond Moscow Film Pictures And Concert https://hammondcast.livejournal.com/642435.html      by Jon Hammond Best Sound Men / People in the Business - no sound check necessary when Brian English & Denny Mack are on the job!   One time only folks! I got real lucky in the Hilton when they covered my band like a blanket https://youtu.be/O1O6nEf59mY Bernard showed up right in time, we hit it and quit it - thanks a lot cats!! Saved the moment for history, and Keith Emerson came up right after us that night - you're never going to hear that again - Jon Hammond #BestSoundMen #FatBack #HitItAndQuitIt    New Hammond Organ, High Power Leslie, Nashville Music City, Suzuki Musical Instruments, bossa nova, Lydia's Tune


Jon Hammond Moscow Film Pictures And Concert


#WATCHMOVIE HERE: Jon Hammond Moscow Film Pictures And Concert

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Jon Hammond Moscow Film Pictures And Concert


Jon Hammond Moscow Film Pictures and Concert
Moscow, Russia

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Eddie Money Last Phone Call Jon Hammond


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Eddie Money Last Phone Call Jon Hammond

Levittown New York, Oakland, California, Last Phone Call, Eddie Money, Jon Hammond, No Control, Bill Graham Presents, Eddie Mahoney