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Recording my Jazz Combo on Nakamichi 550 Cassette Field Recorder with Sennheiser Microphones Analog

#WATCHMOVIE HERE: Recording my Jazz Combo on Nakamichi 550 Cassette Field Recorder with Sennheiser Microphones Analog Audio for Video

Jon's archive https://archive.org/details/ForMyFriendsInTheNakamichiAudiophileGroup

Jon Hammond at his 1959 Hammond B3 organ + Custom super Leslie speaker built for Jon by Bill Beer Keyboard Products with all JBL speaker and horn components. Audio recorder: Nakamichi 550 dual-tracer cassette field recorder, 2 channels + Blend Channel. 3 Sennheiser microphones. Session recorded in The Ellington Room New York City. Jon uses his Nakamichi HD 25-1 Headphones also in photo:


Story of this music and the musicians:


Jon Hammond 

For my friends in the Nakamichi Audiophile Group:
I used good old Maxell Type II cassette tapes for this live recording date I personally recorded on my Nakamichi
550, which I am the original owner purchaser of - I plunked down $550 
cash for my Nak at Harvey Electronics on W. 45th Street NYC in 1976 - I 
made this recording with 3 Sennheiser
microphones placed around the bandstand in the Ellington Room - the 
tune "No X-Cess Baggage Blues" I wrote for my friends at PIA Pakistan International Airlines  - they very kindly let me take excess baggage on numerous flights I made with them out of John F. Kennedy International Airport - when you play Hammond Organ, it's impossible to travel light. I go way back with all of these fine musicians - that's Chuggy Carter on the percussion - Ray Grappone drums - Joe Berger aka Joe Berger2 in the string section on his custom built JJ Guitars - tenor saxophonist Todd Anderson, Todd was my teacher for arranging and composition back in 1973 at the Berklee College of Music
in Beantown MA - Todd is also on my very first album 'Late Rent' one of
New York's finest - all these cats are veteran players and studio 
musicians, and I have been around the block a few times myself - yours' 
truly Jon Hammond at my 1959 Hammond B3 organ and covering the bass as well - through my custom built Bill Beer super high-power Leslie speaker with all JBL
speaker and horn components - enjoy! *Note: When I'm talking, the audio
is back to the vid tape - I just plugged an SM-58 in to a little Fender Amp Can battery powered amp - back to basics and analog, big thanks to Willy Hermann Services William Hermann Jr. got my intermittent left channel working! - Jon Hammond Band
- the "Blend Mic" '3rd channel' Nakamichi system gives a unique 3 
dimensional sound to live audio recordings - that's why even today the 
old Grateful Dead heads crave these machines - can't beat it - and you get real good at flipping cassettes! - JH

Times Square, New York City
Here I am with one of my all-time heroes, the honorable Terence Hallinan

  Nakamichi 550 Versatile Cassette System The first to make high fidelity on location cassette recording a reality, the 550 is now in use around the world by musicians   

Enjoy this AUDIO program folks - even better with Sennheiser headphones on! I use Sennheiser HD 25 every day & night - Jon Hammond:
HammondCast 8 

Back in to a super real film camera, compact Ricoh GR1s - I had put it away for 10 years. Shooting up some Kodak film now, pictures will be forthcoming when I get back to see my friends at B&H Photo Video Pro Audio NYC - Jon Hammond
Thanks Cha Levias for hooking me up with a fresh photo cell batt at the excellent Looking Glass Photo shop, the flash is amazingly poppin' now! Gotta' put on my sunglasses!! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ricoh_GR_film_cameras
"The Ricoh GR was a series of point-and-shoot, or compact, 35 mm film cameras made by Ricoh. The chronological list of these cameras are the GR1, GR10, GR1s, GR1v and GR21. The GR name was also used for Ricoh's GR series of digital cameras.

The cameras has a very high quality[1] 1:2.8 28 mm lens. Exposure control could be program automatic or aperture priority semi-automatic. They had a built-in flash and date imprinting versions were also available.
Audience: professional
Year of release: 1997
Lens: 28 mm f/2.8
Weight: 175g "

Jon Hammond "The FINGERS...are The SINGERS!"™ wearing his Turquoise ring by Navajo Anna Spencer - special thanks Isabella Zizi - Gathering Tribes - Experience the Beauty of Native Amerca   Native American silversmith Anna Spencer created Jon's ring Nakamichi, Grateful Dead Heads, Tapers, Jon Hammond Band, NAMM Show, Nakamichi Audiophile, Cassettes, Type II, Funky Jazz, Blues, Hammond organ, B3, Leslie Speaker, JBL Speakers