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Jon Hammond Show 0504

#WATCHMOVIE HERE: Jon Hammond Show 0504

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Young Jon Hammond
Back in my Brylcreem days:
the jingle "Brylcreem — A Little Dab'll Do Ya! Brylcreem — You'll look so debonair. Brylcreem — The gals'll all pursue ya; they'll love to run their fingers through your hair!"



Jon Hammond Show 0504


Jon Hammond Show for broadcast on MNN TV May 4, 2019.
First segment:
Auster Bar Hamburg Concert LYDIA'S TUNE Jon Hammond Band 
Jon Hammond: "Sounds like a little orchestra with these great musicians!"
Frank Delle - tenor saxophone
Michael Leuschner - trumpet & flugelhorn
Heinz Lichius - drums
Joe Berger- guitar
Jon Hammond - Sk1 Hammond organ
©JON HAMMOND International
2nd segment:
Head Phone Just Jazz Rotenburg e_V_ Concert Jon Hammond Band  
Michael Leuschner trumpet + flugelhorn, Joe Berger guitar, Heinz Lichius drums, Jon Hammond Sk1 Hammond organ , Frank Delle tenor saxophone
Thanks to all the folks who came out to hear us play last night in  Just Jazz Rotenburg e.V. at the Heimathaus Biergarten !
Jon Hammond / Jon Hammond Band / Jon Hammond + Band
Thanks / Dankeschön Michael Behr
3rd segment:
Eros49 Frankfurt zurück Gig for Hans mit Jon Hammond Band
We moved from Hans' famous Yachtklublast year to Frankfurt's Red Light District where Hans Romanovhas presided for many years - over the years I have played at his clubs there Europa Intim Bar, Saint Tropez Bar and he is for a long time Skipper of the party boats - Jon Hammond Show Theme Song "Late Rent" getting all the way down with tenor saxophonist Peter Klohmann and on the actual original drums from the Jazz Kneipe: Giovanni Totò Gulino ! Joe Berger "The Berger-Meister" guitar and leader Jon Hammond at his slightly tweaked Hammond Sk1 Organ + bass through the house system - specal thanks to Ulrich Gottwald, Frank Poehl , Yücel Atiker - a Frankfurt Tradition! Elbestr. 49 FFM http://www.HammondCast.com 
Special Pole Show after nightly at this club, not one pole - but two poles! Band tried some fancy pole work earlier, but better at their instruments folks!

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