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#WATCHMOVIE HERE:  MPEG4 download                           Freies Sender Kombinat FSK Live Mit Lutz Büchner In Studio Hamburg Germany Jon's archive FSK Radio Live With Lutz Büchner In Studio Hamburg Germany

by Jon Hammond 

Topics Lutz Büchner, Saxophonist, RIP, FSK Radio, Broadcast, Herbert Zorn, Jon Hammond, Hammond Organ, Tenor saxophonist, Hamburg

Language English

I'm flashing back on some good times I had playing with Lutz Büchner since his untimely too young death - Lutz came on his bicycle this day 20 years ago with his tenor sax case on his back - we were playing on FSK Radio Live with Lutz on tenor, Uwe Petersen drums, myself Jon Hammond on my old XB-2 Hammond organ with a borrowed Acoustic bass amp from Claus at Musik Rotthoff [...]
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Evolution of Wireless folks, by Jon Hammond  Evolution of Wireless folks!! Alfred Hitchcock with Sony Transistor and Nameless Traveler in SFO with wireless device 60 years later - Jon Hammond Finished Exhibit: "On The Radio" SFO LINK: media/set/ ?set=a.10155108586467102.10 73741981.558692101&type=1& l=80b2e4cfa2 Finished Exhibit "On The Radio" will be up for 8 months at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) folks! #RADIOSFO Special thanks California Historical Radio Society SFO Museum - Jon Hammond #BackOnTheAir #CaliforniaHistoricalRadioSociety #HammondCast SFO Museum #WATCHMOVIE HERE: Steve Kushman President of CHRS Interview with Jon Hammond Jon's archive STEVE KUSHMAN of CHRS on HammondCast KYOURADIO with Jon Hammond

by Jon Hammond 

Topics Steve Kushman, CHRS, Jon Hammond, California Historical [...]
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#WATCHMOVIE HERE: Stories And Music From Jon Hammond Band In The Ellington Room Jon's archive Youtube Stories And Music From Jon Hammond Band In The Ellington Room

by Jon Hammond 

Publication date 2018-03-12
Usage Topics Jon Hammond Band, B3, stories, ellington room, music, Funk, Jazz

Language English

Stories and Music from Jon Hammond Band in The Ellington RoomJon Hammond at his 1959 Hammond B3 organ + Bill Beer Super Leslie SpeakerJoe Berger guitarRay Grappone drumsChuggy Carter percussionTodd Anderson tenor saxophoneFunky Jazz and Blues - ©HammondCast#Jazz #Funk #B3 #Organ #Stories

Identifier StoriesAndMusicFromJonHammondBandInTheEllingtonRoom
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I've [...]
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Foto Gallery Lutz Büchner Greatly Missed Saxophonist Hometown Hero Bremen Hamburg NDR - from Jon Hammond #WATCHMOVIE HERE: NDR Horns play funky HEAD PHONE Jon's archive Views 135 #135 Auster Jazz Head Phone NDR Horns Funky Heinz - 3 + 3 Jon Hammond Band Live in Auster Bar Hamburg with funky Heinz Lichius drums, NDR Horns: Michael Leuschner trumpet, Lutz Büchner tenor sax, Fiete Felsch alto sax, Joe Berger guitar, Jon Hammond organ + bass - Note: Joe Berger is playing Futhark Guitars -Jon Hammond - Hammond organ made by Suzuki Musical Instruments - special thanks to our friend and excellent drummer Nicolai Ditsch for operating the camera! & Auster Bar Team Frank Blume & Torsten Wendt Usage Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Topics Funky Jazz, Hamburg, Auster Bar, NDR Horns, Jon Hammond, Sk1, Organ, Trumpet, Saxophone, Lutz Büchner, Jon Hammond

Missing Man Formation - a concert for Lutz Event LINK: 


In liebevoller Erinnerung an Lutz Büchner - Konzert in der Auster Bar - Jon Hammond Band Montag Nacht, 16. April 2018 Henriettenweg 1 Hamburg-Eimsbüttel, Germany 20 bis 22 Uhr Saxophonisten: Fiete Felsch & Frank Delle, Jon Hammond org, Heinz Lichius schlagzeug, Joe Berger gitarre Swinging Funky Jazz and Blues Missing Man Formation Please Join us on this very special evening Bitte besuchen Sie uns an diesem besonderen Abend Konzert in Tribute an unseren lieben Freund Lutz Büchner #Konzert #AusterBar #Funky #Jazz #Lutz

Cool jazz

#WATCH JAZZ MOVIE HERE: Jazz Funk Tribute To Cannonball Adderley and Lutz Büchner Jon's archive Full High Definition #HighDef #Youtube Jazz Funk Tribute to Cannonball [...]
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